Return to Treasure Island

Three years after his triumphant return from Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins learns that Long John Silver has been captured and sentenced to hang.  Jim’s fateful decisions to help Silver propel them into a search for the greatest Treasure of all – The Pharaoh’s gold.

Jesse James’ Secret

A chance discovery in 1985 leads historical researcher Ron Pastore on an adventure that reveals startling new evidence that shatters history’s version of the life and death of the world famous outlaw Jesse James.

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Lost Tomb of Alexander

Archeoelogical adventures that involve a group of people seqarching the world for clues.

This is an astounding book that follows four intrepid adventurers as they uncover clues to the world’s mysteries contained i the ancient archeiological sites around the world.

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The Crusaders

The 1960’s were more than unique; they were without parallel.

From rock and roll to the space program, drugs to free love, the Vietnam War to civil rights, equality for women to the assassinations of beloved leaders, they forever changed an entire generation.

The Crusaders is a collection of stories… that ignores most of that.

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California Bound

California Bound is the first dramatic story in the Jeb and Zach series of gritty westerns. If you like rich descriptions, multidimensional characters, and tales that bring history to life, then you’ll love this wild “shoot ’em up” adventure across the Rio!

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Juan’s Revenge

Juan’s Revenge is the 3rd dramatic story in the Jeb & Zach series of gritty westerns.

If you like westerns with a heaping side of historical fact and some serious cowboy attitude, you can’t get better’n Juan’s Revenge. Buy your copy now and buckle up!

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A Stroke of Hope

A story of hope after a stroke, with real life steps you can take to recovery.

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