“What a wonderful idea!  Why hasn’t somebody thought of this before?  Treasure Island is among every boy’s favorite books.  Not a one of us hasn’t wished there were more to the story.  Now, thanks to John O’Melveny Woods, we can.  He has aged Jim Hawkins convincingly into adolescence–Jim even falls in love–but the adventures are just as wild, and Jim’s heart is as stout and wit is as quick as ever.”

– Jack B
Pulitzer winning author of West of Hollywood and Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock

“I have always been a fan of great storytelling. As a boy, it was books that inspired me to dream. They invited me into worlds far beyond my California bedroom and introduced to me characters that would become my friends for life. In the canon of classic literature, among my favorites was Robert Louis Stevenson’s TREASURE ISLAND.  The harrowing adventure of young Jim Hawkins and his encounter with Long John Silver lives in my heart as one of the greatest tales of pirates and bounty ever told. It was with genuine trepidation, skepticism and more than a bit of outrage that I began my journey with the novel you now hold in your hands.  I can hardly express to you, dear reader, how happy I am to share with you, that all of my fears were unfounded.  RETURN to TREASURE ISLAND is in fact a first class sequel to the original. John Woods has skillfully brought us back into the life of Jim Hawkins in the most successful way imaginable. He has created in seamless fashion, a remarkable adventure for the characters we all know and love and in the process, introduces us to a few destined to make an indelible impression on young and old alike.”

And so, it is my extreme and joyous pleasure to introduce to you as good an adventure tale as has ever been told and as Long John himself would say, “You can lay to that!”

– LeVar Burton
Actor on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the PBS Children’s Program reading rainbow

“Every once in awhile, a new book appears that compels one to begin sampling it immediately, feasting without cessation until every last delicious word and canapé of imagery has been fully relished and digested. Return to Treasure Island, by John O’Melveny Woods, is such a zesty tale…

This is a cleverly crafted story that entices and enthralls, teaming with well-choreographed and fast-paced escapades, expanding upon the framework of Robert Louis Stevenson’s original Treasure Island with exotic and penetrating dimensions while carefully preserving overall consistency of characters, vernacular, settings, and style.”

– Lori Erbs

Hi John,

“I’m most impressed by your book, RETURN TO TREASURE ISLAND! At first my curiosity was piqued by its unusual cover and glowing forward by LaVar Burton. I didn’t see it coming. The first page swept me through a whirling funnel of everyday life mentality into childlike rapture. I sat on the cold, damp floor of a prision cell listening to crusty pirates making promises they surely couldn’t keep about a treasure richer than King Tut’s! Was there honor among thieves after all and could a dying wretch of a man possibly know the whereabouts of such lavish riches? In page after page of authentically colorful and convincing language a wildly believable tale unfurled, excitement building with each chapter.

John O’Melveny Woods, you have written a fast moving and tumultuous story full of good stuff…hide and seek to kill, blackpowder guns and sword fights, secret codes and caves, dazzling booty sought by swarthy, daring men of ruthless determination. Who doesn’t remember the colorful characters, Long John Silver, young John Hawkins and Captain Redbeard? Sprung back to life, they are woven together in a lawless world by a startling system of honor. “Return to Treasure Island” is an altogether adventurous, satisfying read. Robert Louis Stevenson, wake up! Your “Boys” are on the move again!

I really loved it!”

– Linda

“John, I am sure that you won’t remember me but I bought your book at “Book Tales” when you launched it.  You signed it for my daughter Tristan.  I decided to read it first since I have such fond memories of the Original Treasure Island.  My daughter is reading it now.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the book.  It was so well written and I just can’t imagine how difficult it is to write is the language of 150 years ago.  I loved how it brought back so many memories and the subtle theme of chasing your dreams and slaying your dragons.  Well done.

When you publish more books, please let me know.  You have gained a fan and I look forward to reading more of your works.”

 – Jim McManus

“Dear Mr. Woods,  Thank you for Return to Treasure Island, it was a very enjoyable read. To sum the experience I would say

“A thrilling treasure hunt and brilliant characters comprise this epic adventure.”

Thanks again,”

– John Russell Pompeo